Friday, August 18, 2017

Welcome 7th grade students and families

Hello 7th grade families,

Welcome back to school! It is as much back to school for the entire family as it is for your 7th grader.
I hope you all had a successful week and plan to have a restful weekend. There is a lot in this blog, so be sure to keep scanning through the information. Pictures are included at the end.

Mrs. Wondrasch and I are thrilled to have your children this year. 7th grade is a wonderful time of growth, added responsibility, and fun. Kids are no longer new to the junior high (they're pros!) and they do not have the added activities and responsibilities of the 8th graders. It is why I love teaching this age group.

We had a great week going through our schedule and getting to know the new routines. Things will smooth out next week, and we will in our routine very soon. I pray all of you have a blessed year.

See important information below - Blog, Eclipse, Sycamore, Back to School Night

Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Wondrasch

Blog Information:

Mrs. Wondrasch and I will share the responsibilities of the blog. One of us will send the blog link out via email every other week or so to all the 7th grade families. You will see mostly pictures with some class announcements and reminders when necessary. Sometimes, if one of us has an abundance of pictures or information you may receive both of our blog links.

Typically, the blog will not have assignments, memory, projects, or tests on it. 7th graders are expected to use the assignment board and their planner to record important items. The goal of the blog is for you to see a little taste of 7th grade life at Zion.

Please use Sycamore and/or the weekly Sycamore mailing that Mrs. Schmidt sends out for school wide information such as Trunk or Treat, auction, fundraisers etc... Those items will not be repeated on our classroom blog.

Solar Eclipse Day (repeat from email)
Zion is excited to celebrate the Solar Eclipse with your children!  Please read through this information carefully and email me with any additional questions.
Every child that is attending school on Monday will need to bring:
1) A towel or blanket to sit on while viewing the eclipse
2) Hot lunch is available on eclipse day, of course you may still bring cold
3) A water bottle
4) WEAR SUNSCREEN- we will be outside from 12:00 - 1:30pm.
For parents that are planning on coming to school to celebrate with us, please read through the following information: 
1) Please arrive at 11:45 if you want to eat lunch with your child.  Bring a cold lunch/drink.  
2) Students will return to classrooms around 1:30 after viewing the total eclipse and will have normal dismissal at 3 p.m.
4) Zion will not be able to provide glasses for parents attending.  Zion does have glasses for all students who attend school that day.
5) Parents will help supervise all students during the eclipse for behavior and safety. Having you here to watch and supervise is a wonderful blessing, if you can come.


You should have received a login for Sycamore Education from Mrs. Schmidt.  This is your access to school news. This will also be how you access your child's grades.  Please click around, and ASK QUESTIONS if you are confused. I do not have access to your parent login name.


Back to School Night

Mark your calendar: The PTL Back to School Night is Tuesday, August 22 at 6:30 p.m. This is an "adult only" information night.  Join the 2 seventh grade teachers in the 7M Murray classroom to hear further information about the unique aspects of 7th grade.  There are three 20 minute session times with a 5 minute time to get to another child's classroom.   Please attend one of the 7th grade sessions.  I look forward to seeing you!

 This is a pretty great group of kids. What a blessing to Zion.

The entire Junior High.