Friday, October 13, 2017

Week 9 October 9 - 13

My group at Wash U. This is a great photo!
Hello parents,

There are so many photos! We had a wonderful time on the field trip today. It seemed liked Washington University Campus, the bell tower at the Seminary, and Fitz's food and rootbeer were the overall highlights.

Thank you to our chaperones today. It is wonderful to have families joining in on the fun.

We look forward to seeing most of you next Thursday, October 19th for conferences. Students will make a presentation to guide our conference together. We will send an email out next week with the  scheduled times we have for you - just as a double check.

I had several students request some pictures from today's trip. I told them they would be on the blog. Please consider sending some of the pictures to their phones if they have one because I can't do that for them!

Have a wonderful weekend. See you next week.

Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Wondrasch

Look at all these Christian kids on Delmar...a much more positive sight than what was happening three weeks ago!

This was my group walking around the Wash U campus. Just an FYI for all of you...these kids are SO excited for college. Music to my ears. They requested to see the library - because, and I quote, "We are all readers!"