Monday, May 14, 2018

Last two weeks!

Hello Parents,

We have arrived! It is now the end of this great group of students' 7th grade year. There is a fair amount of items to make you aware of and I will try and include it as much as I can think of. Pictures are of the 7th graders Samurai Training Centers project. I attached it as a link and I am not sure if it will work for you. Let's give it a try. They are worth looking at...some are quite funny!

Thank you all so much for thinking about Mrs. W and me during teacher appreciation week. If you sent in a card or gift thank you, but we appreciate you prayers and support as well.

Upcoming academic items: (Yup, we keep them busy to the bitter end.)

- Art project
- Literature project
- Literature Outsiders test
- History quiz about Samurai
- Science test
- Math test
- Memory test (tomorrow)

No more religion tests!

Schedule Items:

- We will watch The Outsiders movie. Watch for permission slip because it is PG-13.
- This week is the last week for band and choir.

5/18 Field day on Friday afternoon. Spirit shirt and athletic shorts. Sunscreen!! It will be like the surface of the sun out there.
5/21 Monday afternoon, Great Skate for 6th - 8th grade
5/23 8th Grade graduation.
5/24 Last day of school chapel. Dismissal 10am.

Mrs. M and Mrs. W