Sunday, December 3, 2017

Nov 27 - Dec 1

Hello families,

We had a wonderful time at the movies Friday. After almost 10 years of teaching this was the first time I have attended a movie field trip. The kids were great. Overall, I think they really enjoyed the movie. There were some weepy moments and the message comes from this quote.....

"When you are asked to choose between being right and being kind, choose kind." Every single day I have to remind myself of this message. Wonder did an excellent job sharing that message with all of us.

7th grade Happenings:

Art: We are working on our Christmas wreaths in art. They are looking fantastic so far.

History: Missouri Constitution. Students are working on a quizlet to help them study. The test is set for Tuesday, December 12th. It is an important test and students are required to pass with an 80%. I have not doubt our 7th graders will do very well.

Science: Working on studying animal life. These sections are very fun! Clam lab is coming up.

The last three weeks before Christmas break are always very exciting. Keep your kiddos on track by encouraging them to get a LOT of sleep, eating well, and keeping those teenage bodies clean (yes - deodorant is a must because recess and PE class bring in some unwanted scents!).

I love this time of year with my students. If you ever feel the Christmas spirit dwindle in your life spend some time in the halls of Zion with a gaggle of students and you will feel it. It is a pretty great experience and it is a special privilege that teachers have.

Keep up the good work with your kiddos! We appreciate it here at school.

Blessings on your week,
Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Wondrasch