Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 33 April 20 - 24

Hello parents,

Thank you so  much for allowing us to take your kids to Jefferson City yesterday. We had a truly blessed day with great weather, well-behaved students, and wonderful chaperones. The tour guides this year at every location were the best I have ever had. These kids are so easy to be around, respectful, and interested in the world around them, that it makes our jobs pretty easy.

Spring schedules can be so busy. We still have a lot of learning and fun planned for the rest of the year and we look forward to finishing the year strong!

Below are the pictures from my phone. Mrs. Cluck will send hers along when she has the opportunity. I will caption most of them so you know what you are looking at.

Please be sure to follow the school banner for general announcements.

Have a blessed weekend!
Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Cluck

The boys in the cell that belong to James Earl Ray. The assassin of MLK Jr. He was an inmate and escaped in a bread truck, and approximately a year later he murdered MLK.

This is the gas chamber. They were able to peak in the doors and see the submarine door that sealed in the poison gas. This lead to a great discussion in my class about this topic and our faith in class on Friday. Forgiveness, consequences, suffering. Ask your kids about it and see what they think. They have lots of opinions.

This cell block was the prison's "prison". For the worst offenders. Our guide had been a guard for 32 years at this prison. Over and over again, he shared with the kids that this is NOT a place any ever want to be. Good lesson, I'd say.

Our inmates for the day!

The penitentiary is so old. Look up it's history. Many buildings were built by inmates and have stood for over 100 years. It is very eerie, but historically amazing! The guide did a great job with pictures to try and show the kids where inmates stood and worked and it is the same place they stood yesterday.

The outside of the prison's prison.

Main entry way.

Main entry way guard post.

Peaking in the door of the gas chamber. There was also a cross along the walkway to the gas chamber. We talked about its purpose. How it is never to late to repent and how God forgives a truly repentant heart. We also wondered how many inmates may have never repented.

Beautiful day. It almost doesn't look real!

Inside the governor's mansion.

It might be hard for you to believe how big they are getting, but it's true!

You cannot see the white on this sculpture until you take a flash photo. Cool effect.

On the second floor in the Capitol Building.

Steps of the Capitol

Under the statue of Thomas Jefferson in Jefferson City.

Emily, Sabrina, Anna, Ellie P.

Colleen, Lauren, Anna, Jalyn, Jenna, Drew N., Jonathan

Will, Drew, Adam, Gabe, Braden, Adam,  Jonathan, Isaac, Drew H. Alex, Nathan

Hanging out after our hike at the Runge Nature Center.

Ellie D., Ellie P., Lily, Arianna

Will, Drew H, Jalyn, Ally, Lauren

Anna, Alana, Callie, Vallen, Sydnie

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 32 April 13 - 17

Hello parents,

It is hard to believe that we have already arrived at the class trip. Students are starting to have Spring Fever. We all have to work hard at keeping everyone motivated! There is a lot of learning and fun to look forward to the last weeks of 4th quarter.

Things to keep in mind:

Jefferson City field trip is this Thursday, April 23. Please review the information that came home with your 7th grader. Mrs. Cluck and I will go over expectations, times, schedule again this week before you go.

7th Grade Parents Host 8th grade Graduation Reception. Our room moms are in the process of preparing for the graduation reception at the end of May. All families are expected to have at least one volunteer to represent "the family" for this event. There are several needs/responsibilities to fill and the room moms will work on it in the coming weeks. Just like the sausage supper, many hands make light work! It may be hard for you to believe, but your 7th graders will enjoy such a reception just one year from now.

Baby on the way! Room moms are planning a baby shower for both classes to celebrate Mrs. Cluck upcoming bundle of joy. It is planned for May 8, from 1:30 - end of day. I sent an email last week with the details. I am doing the collecting for the room moms. Thank you!

We had a faith family activity on Friday. For most chapel services, we mix ages together and sit as a faith family. This is a great way for students young and old to get to know one another. I included some faith family pictures below. There may not be any pictures of your 7th graders here, but know that your 7th grader is doing similar activities with a different teacher. It has been a wonderful program. It allows teacher to know more students across the age groups too!

Writing and drawing Easter messages on the sidewalk and driveway of church.

1st grader, 2nd grader, and two 8th graders working together.