Wednesday, May 27, 2015

End of the year photos

Hello parents,

The last days of school have arrived.  I want to share some pictures with you. I have some from Great Skate, including 6th and 8th graders, and some from today's trip.

Many thanks to our drivers for chaperoning today. For a first time to Jefferson Barracks it was a nice trip. It needs a little more excitement and a little less museum time, but overall getting out of the building was worthwhile today!

When I surveyed the kids, their favorite part was the National Cemetery. We were able to visit some graves of loved ones (and missed many more due to time and a huge funeral procession we wanted to avoid.)
Thank you for your patience with the end of the quarter delays. Mrs. Cluck and I have both made sure the grades have been completed. If you have any questions at all, please send me an email and I can address it.

I will see many of you at the 8th grade graduation or the reception. Thank you for volunteering to help, organize, set up, pick up, clean up all the things that need to be done. Zion is the school it is because of the families, and we thank you. This time next year the celebration will be yours!

 Report cards will be mailed next Friday.

Blessings on your summer.
Mrs. Murray

Friday, May 22, 2015

Last Week of School, May 26 - 29

Hello parents,

It has been a bit since I posted a blog. School has been interesting the last month to say the least, but the kids have persevered and we are ending the year on a great note.

First of all, Mrs. Cluck and little Audrey have been home for a few days. They are both doing very well. I plan to visit this weekend. I will pick up some papers and items for the kids, and get The Outsiders movie for the 7th grade to watch this Tuesday.

Grades for Mrs. Cluck's classes:

I am taking care of all the digital grade input for Mrs. Cluck's substitute. There are several items the Kim has that she took home right before Audrey was born. She will be grading and inputting what she has at home this weekend. Anything that the sub has graded will be input by me this weekend and Tuesday. There are no more uploads until the report cards are mailed.

I can verify that there are several missing items for students that have been turned in - just not yet input. Please know that Kim and I will have everything taken care of for our 7th graders for all of their classes.

If you have any questions please let me know. Mrs. Cluck's classes are Religion (homeroom), History, Literature, Art. I have them for Science, Religion (homeroom).

There will be no hot lunch served the last week of school. Milk and Juice will be available for $.35 and assorted snacks will be available for $.50. These items are available on a cash only basis. Students need to pack a cold lunch for the last week of school.

Here is our schedule for next week:

Monday: No School. Have a restful, Memorial Day
Tuesday: The Outsiders movie, Great Skate field trip
Wednesday: Jefferson Barracks (Thank you drivers/chaperones for your help.)
Thursday: Desk/Classroom clean up/Textbook check in*  Ice cream truck

*Textbook return - Have students bring in several dollars, preferably change to pay for any textbook fines they may have incurred. If there are any larger issues (bindings, excessive markings, large/multiple tears) that exceed the money brought in for fines I will move it to the office to take care of before report cards are mailed.

Friday: Chapel, awards - dismissal 10am. No backpack day.
Happy Summer!

Here are some pictures from this afternoon. Syndie brought in pizza as a birthday treat. Great way to end the week.