Friday, October 30, 2015

Week 12 October 26 - 30

Hello parents,

I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe weekend. I gave my kids my trick or treating lecture about being safe, listening to their parents, and watching out for little ones while they hang out. I look forward to seeing them all sugared up and smiling Monday morning. Safe and sound!

See sycamore for details about upcoming dates:

Wednesday, November 4th. Muffins for Moms.
Wednesday, November 4th Early Dismissal

Red Ribbon Week: I was not very with it this week, and for some reason I took only one picture....Oddly enough this inspired me to pull out my phone and snap a pic. The kids went downstairs for art and they had to leave their stuffed animals in our room.

The little dog was left with something to do - and it wasn't playing an ipad. A book! I love our young at heart Zion kids who always have a book.


On Wednesday, December 2, at 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m, grades 5 and 6 will lead the first Advent worship services at Zion Church. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students as they help our congregation prepare for the Lord's coming.  Attendance is expected at both services, so please mark your calendars now and keep the date open.  Let me know of any conflicts right away as parts will be assigned next week.  

Part of our Memory Work assignments will shift focus to learning songs and lines.  

Students will also have an opportunity to share their special musical talents.  Any student who has had two years of music lessons or is in the Concert Band may offer to play for the services.  

Selections must be:
     1)  sacred music related to the Advent or Christmas seasons of the church year
     2)  practiced and ready to audition on Tuesday, Nov. 17


We studied about Moses praying during some Israelite battles. If Moses kept his hands up in prayer and worship the Israelites would win, and if his arms lowered they would begin to lose. I challenged the kids to see how long they could keep their arms raised. It varied from 3 - 5 minutes and they struggled. It was pretty funny actually!

They also figured out they could use each other or the walls to help them out. Moses had Aaron and another priest to help him out. We always need a little help from our friends. :)

Enjoy the photos.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week 11 Oct. 19 - 23

Hello everyone,

Thank you to the room moms for the yummy treats for our 6th grade harvest party and for my birthday.

Thank you, also, for the TWB gift certificate. I will use it to power my caffeine problem! I had a very nice birthday weekend. Sometimes, my birthday falls on parent conference day so I was happy to celebrate it on the weekend.

Students are doing very well for me with their memory and study prep in science. I am happy to see they are coming in prepared for quizzes and homework. Remember, it is not uncommon for a junior higher to have a late slip or two for a quarter. So far, this class is really doing great with homework turn in.

We will be starting a study of Martin Luther in religion and one more chapter of earth science with volcanoes.

We have a few full weeks of school with an early dismissal coming up November 4th, and then the full week of Thanksgiving off. It seems so far away, yet it will all creep up on us quickly!

From Mrs. Dersch - 6th English

  The past few weeks we have been focusing on nouns. We will have a unit test over Nouns on Friday, October 23rd.  Some of our writing on nouns includes proofreading essays and writing a persuasive letter about a community center. Our next unit will be on verbs, and we will spend the next week writing a narrative essay over a selected photograph.
   Your children are a blessing to teach, and if I can help you or your child in any way please email me

Have a wonderful weekend.
Mrs. Murray

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Week 9 October 5 - 9

Hello parents,

Quarter 1 has ended and the kids were very happy to reach this milestone. The first memory packet is in the books (and happily recycled), and the new green one as been handed out. More tests have been completed and they are all in the groove.

We have a short week next week. Thursday and Friday are off for fall break, and I will see  parents on Thursday for conferences. I look forward to sharing a google presentation your child made to help guide our conference together.

A couple of weeks ago my 6th grade homeroom helped out Miss Limback and her kindergartners. The 6th graders helped attach scraps of material to their cut-out body outlines. Many of my students remembered this project when they were in kindergarten. 

One thing I love about Zion is the interaction between our older and younger students. It is a blessing for our "big kids" to be little once in a while. We all know they really are little kids still anyway. They were great, and you would be very proud.

Have a great weekend.
Mrs. Murray

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 8 September 28 - October 2

Hello parents,

The field trip was a success. Learning about the Weldon Springs clean up project was really interesting. It was sad to see how people had such difficult working conditions in the 1940's and beyond.

Then, to see the environment exposed to such terrible chemicals was eye opening. Starting in the 80's teams of people worked to improve the area and do the best they could to fix the situation. Lessons learned that's for sure!

Bowling was entertaining to say the least. As always, Zion students demonstrated excellent behavior and Mrs. R and I are more than happy to take them on our next adventure because they were so wonderful.

Things to note:

1). Take a look at your child's grades. It is important to see how they are doing two weeks before the quarter ends to help with any possible surprises!

2.) Parent conferences have been scheduled. The times came home on Thursday with Friday papers because of our field trip. Please send back the bottom portion as soon as possible to confirm the time.

I look forward to having some time to touch base with you about your 6th grader. We are having a wonderful year so far as a class.

 2.) End of the quarter quickly approaching. AR was due this past Friday (October 2). All students were informed of their points at mid-quarter and again earlier this past week. 

3.) I hope to see you at Trunk or Treat on Friday.