Thursday, December 22, 2016

Week 19 Dec 19 - 22

Hello parents,

Merry Christmas! There are lots of pictures to see. We had wonderful parties this afternoon. Thank you to room moms, Mrs. Emily, Mrs. Wilmas, Mrs. Holt, Mrs. Trampe....I hope I am not forgetting anyone! Thank you so much for your work and time.

Blessings on your break and Christmas celebrations. As I always say to my students, have fun and come back to me safe.

Merry Christmas,
Mrs. Murray

Pictures below:

They got our their phones to take pictures in the photo booth. A rare sight at school!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Week 18 December 12 - 16

Hello parents,

We have lots of pictures this week. The field trip was a success. The play was very well done. It may interest the kids to read the book for AR.

We also packed our service project up. The bags for the USO are complete, and awesome! So much food, comfort items, and games were packed up today. The students made 155 goodie bags for soldiers moving through the Lambert Airport USO.

There will also be almost $1000 of additional food being donated to their "pantry".  Altogether, we brought in many items through the drive and nearly $4000 of Walkathon raised funds were spent for our USO and the brave and men and women who serve our country. Well done junior high students and families. We thank YOU!

Some upcoming academic items:

AR: Due Friday 12/16. Kid's are aware of this. It is a hot topic in the classrooms and they all know.
Science: Quiz Monday
Literature Test: Monday
Memory: Test Tuesday
English Test: Tuesday (I think)
Science Test: Wednesday
Not sure if there is any math quizzes or tests.

The 7th graders are feeling the pressure, and yet they are working very hard. I see so many of them caring about their school work, persevering, and having pretty good time management. (Except for those who still don't have their AR points!) A hard working group.

Next week brings to an end 2nd quarter, if you can believe it. I pray you have a wonderful Christmas and everyone has a contented, peaceful break with their families. I know I look forward to no homework (mine and the kids!), spending time with family, eating great holiday food, and hearing my favorite Christmas carol at the Christmas Eve service...Silent Night. It gets me every time. Merry Christmas!

Update on my treatment: Chemo is complete. My last treatment was the day before Thanksgiving. Thankfully, I didn't pick up any infections this round! I start radiation on Monday, December 19th. I will miss my 6th hour 2 days in a row, and then I get the coveted 7:15am radiation spot. I will be at school by 8am (Maybe 8:15)  ready to teach. Radiation lasts about 6 weeks and I have to have radiation every day, Monday - Friday. They say this is easier than chemo, and I plan on that being the case for me.

I am grateful to be with my 7th graders every day. I am quite sure they are so used to my hats that they can't even remember me with bright red hair or that I even have cancer. It's nice. Life goes on at school as usual and I love it. They make me happy and I would rather be at school than home letting my mind go bananas. It is better to have teenagers drive you bananas than cancer. Thank you for your prayers and understanding, especially when I have missed school. Your support, prayers, and kids are my favorite Christmas blessings.

Merry Christmas,

Field Trip:

My kids!

My kids!