Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 29 and 30 March 14 - 18 / March 21 - 24 Holy Week

Hello parents,

Last week I subbed for a literature class and we did disability awareness. The kids were partnered, blindfolded and then lead to the restroom to wash hands and then back to the classroom to butter a cracker. The kids had fun, but they also realized how truly difficult it is navigate the world without sight.

I did not get pictures of everyone because I was guarding the stairs. So, it is mostly boys because that is the boys restroom side!

Report cards went home of Friday. If you have any questions please let me know, or contact the teacher of the class you have questions about.

My homeroom today watched a movie called The Week that Changed the World. It was excellent. A  theologian and historian shared with us information about Jesus' trial. The time between his arrest and his crucifixion. Stories we don't always focus on.

Science test is moved to Thursday. We still have some reviewing to accomplish. Kids will need to review cell division, key terms, and their study guide packet.


I will not write a blog at the end of this week. We are traveling to Washington DC for vacation. I am looking forward to attending Easter service at the National Cathedral on Sunday and seeing the cherry blossoms.


I pray you have a blessed Easter and Easter break. I very much recommend the Maundy Thursday service. It is so well done and very moving. Time to celebrate Christ's victory!

Happy Easter.

Mrs. Murray

Friday, March 11, 2016

Week 28 March 7 - 11

Hello parents,

We had a wonderful grandparents day at Zion today. I hope your family and friends had a great time with these amazing kids.

I talked with my homeroom the last two days about how this day is a time to be with their loved ones and make it special. A time to spend with the people who have cared for and loved them since before they were born. Our junior high students were absolutely fantastic leading their grandparents and focusing their attention on them. I saw a lot of proud, smiling faces. Well done Zion families.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Luke 12:34

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 27 Feb 29 - March 4

Hello parents,

It was wonderful to enjoy some sun this weekend. It looks like the rain will be coming in this week and sticking around.

Upcoming events: Mrs. R has many upcoming events on her blog. Field trip, Grandparents' Day, End of 3rd quarter.  In order to avoid too much repetition, please click on the link to see the information.

Standardized testing: is the week of March 14-18. Please try to avoid appointments during this week if possible.

Book fair: Our class will visit the book fair Wednesday afternoon. They can bring money with them to buy if they want to. The fair is also available on Grandparent's Day. It is in the commons this year.

Book covers: I have many students' books in need of new book covers. Book covers must be in good shape at the end of the year in order to avoid book fines. I will check books this week and let students know the expectations and deadline to have them covered. This can be difficult because parents have to get to the grocery store to get the brown bags. Please keep that in mind this week while you are out and about. I would bet at least every student has one or two books that need to be recovered. Thanks for your help.

Have a great week! Spring is on its way.

Mrs. Murray