Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week 33 April 18 - 22

Hello parents,

Just a few reminders...

Thrive starts this week. Don't forget to embarrass your 6th grader and find out what they are talking about with their Thrive educator and teachers. Parents have so much influence. Make sure you share with them your views, values, and expectations. It's a fun week!

Monster Lab is due Tuesday in science. There is 5 pts extra credit available, so encourage your child to take advantage of that. It will be scored under projects and labs.

We will start our last two units in science - Magnetism and Electricity. I expect 2 more tests plus quizzes before the end of the year.

Tuesday evening is the band pops concert. I will see some of you there for that.

Have a great week. Stay tuned with the weather, some storms may be heading our way.

Mrs. Murray

Friday, April 15, 2016

Week 32 April 11 - 15

Hello parents,

The weather has finally come around. We will have a beautiful weekend!

In your child's Friday papers look for three items in particular.

1. Flyer for our May field trip to Saxony

2. Permission slip for Thrive (Due Wednesday, next week)
3. Information/outline for our Thrive curriculum

The following information is also in Mrs. R's blog.

In 2 weeks, we welcome Thrive Best Choice to lead our Religion classes.  Through this program, students will be involved in active discussions about setting goals, healthy relationships, puberty, and making God-pleasing decisions.  A permission slip is coming home today to sign and return for your child to participate.  An outline of the curriculum is also coming home.  To help you prepare for discussions with your child at home, here are the topics for the week of April 25.  I pray that you use these as opportunities to open the dialogue with your child and share your values with them.  Research shows parents are still the number one influence on their teens!

Monday:  Goals, Risky Behaviors, and Decision Making
Tuesday: Respect, Friendships, and Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships
Wednesday: Male/Female Puberty  
Thursday: STDs
Friday: Media Influence, Boundaries, and Refusal Skills
 Auction night! I hope to see many of you there. Don't forget to bid on our class birdbath. Many thanks to Mrs. Wilmas and Mrs. Dummann for putting together this beautiful piece of outdoor art. Unfortunately, I can't find the photo I had for it. 

Class information:
- Literature this weekend. The big poet poster board project is due on Monday.

- Science Tuesday. Genetics and Heredity, Sections 1, 2. Kids can review quizlet key terms, their study guide packet, Punnet Square worksheets.

I know it is hard to stay motivated once we are to this point in the year. We are already talking about our 6th graders being more like 7th graders. (Gasp!) Memory is on-going, studying is on-going, and daily math homework will still be on the agenda. They can do it, and the hard work pays off in the end.
Have a great spring. Enjoy your beautiful weekend.
Mrs. Murray