Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last week of school

Hello parents,

We had a wonderful last week of school. Field day was awesome. STUCO did a great job putting on that fun afternoon.

The week was filled with odds and ends jobs, cleaning, outside time, movies, devotions, and so much more. The last week is a strange one and sometimes kids can get wacky. Instead of wacky, our 6th graders were awesome! They worked hard, did what they were asked to do, and hopefully enjoyed themselves with their Zion family.

At end of the day Wednesday and Thursday, our desks were all cleared away and chairs were stacked. It was time to pray. It started with the girls....they started a circled and said, "Let's pray in a circle and hold hands!" The boys were not thrilled, but they did it. Our class (without me being pushy and demanding) stood together in a circle, held hands, and prayed our last Luther's Evening Prayer. It was amazing, and surprising, and so this class.

Thank you for sharing them with me. I pray they had a good year and look back at 6th grade with  happy memories - I know I do.

Last Minute of 6th Grade! -More of these at the end of the pictures.

I called them "my crew" and "my people". My last prayer with them...."Lord, let them know they are loved and that they will always be mine."

Saturday, May 21, 2016

38 May 16 - 20

Hello parents,

We had a wonderful field trip. We are very proud of our 6th graders. The weather was perfect for our day together. Enjoy the pictures.


- Reminder that Junior High Field Day is on Monday.  
- Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Weather is predicted to be sunny and 83
- Students in grades 6th-8th may wear school appropriate athletic shorts and a Christian t-shirt for the entire day.  


- A reminder that their is no hot lunch next week.  
- However, students will be able to purchase some items such as chips/cheese, bosco sticks, cookies, etc for $ .50 each.  This will operate with cash only as your lunch accounts are now closed for the year.

More date reminders:

Thursday, May 26     Closing Chapel 1st - 8th Grade 8:10am
                                  School dismissed at 10 AM

Friday, June 3           Mail home report cards

Happy last week of school for all!

Mrs. Murray

I know some kids (and maybe parents) wonder why no devices? Why no phones? Look above and below at these pictures - and you'll see why. Silly old welded monkey bars and swings. 3 jackets and a kleenex box for soccer goals, and a ball.

The best thing about these pictures? No devices, no power poles, no cars. Just kids, cabins, trees, and a ball.                 Seriously, pretty cool.  

That is a monstrous black snake.