Saturday, September 24, 2016

Week 6 September 19 - 23

Hello parents,

The walkathon on Thursday was a great success. It was hot, but it didn't seem to bother the kids because basically they were wet the entire time.

There were goodies, giveaways, food, water, popsicles, squirt gun fun...I think they enjoyed it. The final mileage tally is not ready yet, because I don't have my classroom tally with me, but I will be sure to post as soon as I get it.

Now is the time for students to collect their pledges to support the USO - our soldiers and their families. Thank you for your support and helping our students understand the walkathon is not just a super fun day, but a way to help serve others. We will be using our funds for our December service project and November collection drive to make boxes for our soldiers with the help of the USO.

There are many pictures, enjoy! Our crazy family. Thank you to Mrs. Hollowood for being our Walkathon photographer, in the heat and sunshine.

Malia, Annelise


Liv, Berkley, Frankie

Avery, Lexi, Allison

Anna, Avery

Berkley, Sam M. Caleb

Caleb, Logan

Frankie, Sam W, Allison, Micah

Micah, Logan W.

Isaiah, Berkley, Annelise

Rhett, Alex K. Sam M, Caleb, Seth

Jack, Liv, Jordan, Rebecca, Lauren, Molly

Jack L, Aaron H

Julie W. Avery, Claire

Amanda, Brenna, Josh

Kanin, Landon, Frankie, Matthew W

Kanin, Landon


Bradie, Malia

Berkley, Allison

Caleb, Sam M

Annelise, Berkley, Allison

Molly, Lauren, Rebecca

A big crew resting in the shade.

Lisa Gnade from LHS brought so much cool loot. Mr. D supporting our kids!

Claire, Julie

The start.

Jordan, Liv, Jack

Malia, Lexi

Drew, Jack, Zoe, Liv, Logan

The snack shack.

Bethany Andrews (our new DCE for the young), Deborah, Mrs. Cluck, and the new biker teacher - oh wait, that's me!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Week 5 Sept 12 - 16

Hello parents,

We had the chance this week to work with the kindergarten class and help make their paper people. The 7th graders always look a little intimidated by the little ones, which makes me chuckle. They always pull through and do a great job.

I heard many cute conversations about favorite sports, school, and things they like to do. It is one of my favorite things about being at Zion. The bigs working with the littles. It is good stuff.

We will be starting a Virus and Bacteria Prezi project in science next week. After we test, students will have time to work in class on this project.

Our walkathon is coming up next week Thursday, September 22nd. This is a great time for students and a wonderful opportunity for us to gather pledges. We will use all funds collected for the USO - an organization that supports our military. Most students can really connect to this organization and have such a great respect for our military and veterans. A great cause for us to support!

Pledges are due AFTER the walkathon. We encourage students to at least donate from their own stash for the walkaton. Pledges can be per mile or just one total donation. Whatever works. In the past we have raised over $4000!

 Sycamore will be updated for my classes by Saturday.

 Upcoming dates:

Walkathon: September 22
Day off, Teacher in-service. September 23

Friday, September 9, 2016

Week 4 September 5 - 9

Hello parents,

We had a very nice short week. Kids have the routines and expectations down and we are in full swing. I am very impressed at the hard work and responsibility I have seen with these students. 

We worked on fiction vs non-fiction in Literature this week. The Ruby Bridges Story, and Henry "Box" Brown. We brought in a box to see if students would fit in order to mail themselves to freedom! Berkley and Allison could be shipped together. I wonder if they would still be friends afterward?

Mrs. Cluck and I decided we would keep the box for an future late assignment kids. :)  

Thank you parents for supporting your 7th graders. Remember to ask about assignments, encourage the use of their assignment notebooks, and teach them your expectations. It all translates over to school and we appreciate all your hard work.

Blessings on your weekend,
Mrs. Murray