Saturday, October 22, 2016

Week 11 Oct 17 - 21

Hello everyone,

Thank you to the room moms for a wonderful harvest party on Friday. (Mrs. Emily, Mrs. Wilmas, Mrs. Trampe) They also decorated my room in PINK for my birthday which was on the 17th. Thank you so much.

I got some pictures of the room, but not the kids at the party. Truthfully, I was busy enjoying the pretzel snack too!

We had a good end of the quarter. Parent conferences this coming week, starting Thursday after school and Friday. No school on Friday.

We will be moving in to the busy holiday season with lots of extras creeping up in our schedules. Band and choir concerts, a new winter sports season and so much more. Keep the kids motivated and working hard!

7th grade does NOT have an advent service this year. We will have our chapel service on Grandparents Day.

Have a great weekend.
Mrs. Murary

Lots of pink in school this week. This was the 8th graders on Friday.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week 9 October 10 - 14

Hello parents,

Happy fall break!

Kids are excited to have a few days off. Teachers are heading to Grand Rapids, Michigan for fellowship and learning. Please pray for safe travels for our staff.

I will be home getting my 4th out of 6 chemo treatments on Wednesday. Boy, I wish I was traveling to GR instead....but the blessing for me is that I get time to sleep off the chemo. I will not have to miss a day next week which is great for me and for the kids!

End of quarter: Friday October 21st.
AR due: Monday, October 17th 

Class Meeting:

Ask your child about our class meeting on Monday afternoon. Mrs. Cluck and I combined the kids to discuss how the quarter has been going so far. We opened discussion with candy to motivate them and it was a great choice, because the kids talked.

Strengths: (these are from the kids):

- This class "plays" well together. Out at recess, they actually play games like basketball, 4 square, soccer. Enjoy each other's company.
- The class feels like brothers and sisters, both the good and the bad that goes with that.
- They work hard, and almost always as a class turn in their work.
- Accepting of new friends when students join the class.

 Weaknesses: (also from the kids)
 - Sometimes too comfortable at Zion  (with friends and teachers) and can forget where we are and why we are here.
- Varied degrees of respect for different teachers.
- Complaining about work, assignments, classes.
- Behaviors with friends to "bug" one another that are getting tiresome. Examples: Stepping on backs of shoes, taking supplies and hiding them, poking one another.

We have asked students to continue working with their strengths and to start improving on their weaknesses, (if they fall into any of these categories). Overall, the discussion focused on where they show their maturity, and where they struggle with it. It was a fantastic talk.

We talked about safety, friendships, caring for one another, and holding each other accountable for the reputation of their amazing class. It was wonderful to see what they are proud of and what they know is wrong or immature. We got to see their heart and we think this class will continue to work hard and rise to the occasion!

Talk with them about both the strengths and weakness and see what your child has to say. Let them know your expectations and let them know how proud you are of them.

 Have a great rest of the week!

Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Cluck

Important Information:

NO SCHOOL WED 10/12-FRI 10/14- Enjoy your fall break!

TJ'S Pizza Fundraiser- check out Sycamore for more information

Don't forget Parent Teacher Conferences- Oct. 27-28 (No school on Friday)

Red Ribbon Week- October 24-28

*Regular dress code applies to all dress days except for the special day’s theme
  • Monday:
    • “Don’t Hug a Drug”
    • Bring your favorite stuffed animal, pillow, or small blanket
  • Tuesday:
    • “Doing Drugs Won’t Make You a Superhero”
    • Wear a superhero shirt and/or cape
  • Wednesday:
    • “Stand Up Against Drugs”
    • Make your hair stand up crazy
  • Thursday:
    • “Hide Your Identity From Drugs”
    • Wear sunglasses
  • P/T Conferences after school
  • Friday:
    • No School P/T Conferences

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week 7 September 26 - 30

Hello parents,

We had a great field trip Friday. The kids enjoyed the food, rootbeer, tour at the Seminary, and of course, their free time. They played volleyball, football, and just hung out as teenagers do.

October has arrived! I don't know about you, but this month is one of the busiest months of my year. There is SO much going on, the weather is amazing, sports are busy, and we are in full school swing with no signs of slowing down.

Keep your kids focused on family, school work, and worship. Maybe turn off the phones for a while and play a game of Parcheesi or go apple picking!

Lots of pictures to share from the trip. Thank you to the chaperones for driving and helping to supervise.

Have a great October.

Mrs. Murray