Friday, October 13, 2017

Week 9 October 9 - 13

My group at Wash U. This is a great photo!
Hello parents,

There are so many photos! We had a wonderful time on the field trip today. It seemed liked Washington University Campus, the bell tower at the Seminary, and Fitz's food and rootbeer were the overall highlights.

Thank you to our chaperones today. It is wonderful to have families joining in on the fun.

We look forward to seeing most of you next Thursday, October 19th for conferences. Students will make a presentation to guide our conference together. We will send an email out next week with the  scheduled times we have for you - just as a double check.

I had several students request some pictures from today's trip. I told them they would be on the blog. Please consider sending some of the pictures to their phones if they have one because I can't do that for them!

Have a wonderful weekend. See you next week.

Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Wondrasch

Look at all these Christian kids on Delmar...a much more positive sight than what was happening three weeks ago!

This was my group walking around the Wash U campus. Just an FYI for all of you...these kids are SO excited for college. Music to my ears. They requested to see the library - because, and I quote, "We are all readers!"

Friday, September 22, 2017

Week 6 September 18 - 22

Hello parents,

We have been busy this week with our regular schedule. Students have been enjoying The Giver in literature and working on color mixing in art. This week in religion we have focused on building interpersonal skills with our Second Steps curriculum. We have discussed goals for 7th graders, empathy, teamwork, positive communication and problem solving. It has been fun to have several discussion based classes that connect our faith to those tough middle school social skills!

Next week, we continue with The Giver, feudalism skits in history, virus/bacteria studies in science, and we will be back in The Story for religion.

Thank you for the treats for our movie day today. The kids had a good day. We accomplished a lot of little things that needed to get done and enjoyed our movie with treats. It was a great way to spend a Friday. I'll have pictures of that for the next blog.

Items to remember:

Walkathon, Friday, Sept. 29

  Our first JH Walkathon was held after Hurricane Katrina in 2009.  Now our students are joining efforts for two great causes.  75% of our donations will go to Lutheran schools affected by Hurricane Harvey and 25% will go towards fleece blankets for the organization we are sponsoring with our gum drive and chapel offerings, Friends of Kids with Cancer.  

Kids learned about our walkathon at the kickoff assembly two weeks ago.  We "cancel" classes for that Friday afternoon and students can dress down that day. (Gym shorts, and spirit wear.) Then, we set the kids loose to run and walk for the cause.  Students may begin raising pledges and are encouraged to self-pledge as well.  No money is due until after the walk.  

 Please ask your child for the purple pledge sheet. Collections for the walkathon will be after the event, due on October 6th.

Mid-quarter Last Week, September 14

We have been busy with tests, quizzes and homework!  Last week marked the midpoint of the 1st quarter.  It is a good opportunity for you and your child to check grades on Sycamore and reflect on your child's progress.  When Friday papers come home, encourage your child to pick the work they are most proud of and share with you why.  

Also look for something which they might set a goal:  reading directions more carefully, studying vocabulary, asking questions in class, neater handwriting, taking an A.R. test.  Every child grows at a different pace and we can celebrate the learning that takes place each day!  Please don't hesitate to contact teachers with questions you may have. 


- 2 art projects: Sketch a Selfie, Namely Me (Try and identify kids names within the symbols!)

- We helped Mrs. Reed (Limback) and her kindergartners dress their people. You kids were awesome with the little ones.
 - One picture is from the teacher inservice we attended last week. It is about how parents and teachers can be well-rounded disciplinarians in order to encourage resilience. I liked the visual.

Have a wonderful weekend. I am praying for cooler weather - as always!


Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Wondrasch