Saturday, January 21, 2017

January 16 - 20

Hello parents,

Next week is our celebration of National Lutheran Schools week. There are special dress up days, treats, teacher vs. 8th grade volleyball game, and other fun activities to celebrate.

Students may participate in the dress up days or not. If they choose not to, then it is standardized dress.

Monday: P.J. Day
  • Wear pajamas/sweats
  • May bring one stuffed animal/pillow
  • May wear slippers (bring change of shoes for outside)
Tuesday: Fake Injury Day
  • Throw on your bandages and slings we are all broken today
  • No injuries that impair your ability to function and/or cause a mess
  • No blood
  • Jeans optional 
Wednesday: Character Day
  • Dress up as a favorite Bible, book, or movie character
  • Jeans optional

Thursday: Ultimate Spirit Day
  • Do you have the Spirit in you?
  • Wear your Red, White, and Black to show your Zion Lutheran School Spirit
  • Jeans optional

Friday: Holiday Day
  • Bring out your cheesy holiday gear and show your festive fun
  • Ideas: 4th of July, Easter, Christmas, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day 
  • Jeans optional

This week we had a Faith Family Activity, after getting to know each other better in a scavenger hunt game we learned that we are all an important piece to God’s church.  Together with all believers we can be a picture of God’s love and Jesus’ Salvation to the world.  We each made part of a cross that will be put together to create one big cross.  Look for it in church this weekend!  We were able to celebrate with each other Baptisms in January and February and renew our baptismal vows.

Here is a link to a video of the theme song refrain:

Have a good week,
Mrs. Murray