Friday, February 17, 2017

Week 26 February 13 - 17

Hello families,

7th grade has been very busy the last couple of weeks. We have had odd schedules, illnesses, make-up work, out of town trips - it's been busy!

I am so glad to see so many students recovered from their illnesses. It isn't easy on anyone when so many school days are missed. Please be sure to check Sycamore by the end of the weekend to see the updated grades. If you have questions, ask your child and if you are not happy with their answer, send us an email!

Spring Auction Round up: Spring Auction Round Up is coming Feb 27th-March 3rd!  The committee is looking for donations for the Zion School Auction April 7, 2017 at Old Hickory.  The class with the most donations will receive 30 minutes of extra time in the gym!  Need donation ideas?  Grab a leaf with a donation idea off one of the Auction Trees the week before round up to help you shop.  Monetary donations are also accepted and any help is appreciated!  Thank you for your generosity!

This week in 7th Grade: - Scroll through, entertaining and LOTS of pictures.

Religion: We have started to prepare for Grandparent's Day Chapel, March 10. We are getting the kids excited to do something a little out of their comfort zone. Ask them about it. Encourage them to as I put it "...put their 13 year old selves away for a little while and do something amazing and with an open heart for God!"

Literature: Short story unit in the textbook. Highlight is Rikki Tiki Tavi coming up next week.

Math: Continuing with algebra and moving on with some geometry. Surface area and volume to come. Love it!

Science: We dissected a chicken wing from the grocery store. They saw bone, bone marrow, ligaments, tendons, muscle, was awesome! Then they went to lunch and had chicken nuggets. No joke.

Then, on Thursday the sausage supper organ display. The guys on the committee (my husband and others) asked the butcher to provide us with more goodies. I got all the main organs intact, and a head bisected with the brain removed. Now, I know that seems crazy, and it was! Amazing. The kids saw and handled - heart, brain, lungs, spleen, pancreas, throat, trachea, tongue, head, eye, stomach, kidneys, bladder, gall bladder AND the female reproductive parts - uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries.

Some were not interested, and that was okay. Others were so interested that I had to hold them back a bit.

Then, they went to lunch and had pork sliders. No, I'm kidding this time. :)

Sausage supper blessings:

1.) The congregation working together to provide food for enjoyment and fellowship - Food always brings people together!
2.) To see how God provides us food, in a very real way. Not just a grocery store package.
3.) To the pigs! For the food they give us, the lessons we learn from their organs about ourselves, and the medical advances they give us in the greater medical community. Maybe, even an inspiration to our students to pursue a medical career.

We are grateful.

History: Supply and demand activities. Ask them to explain what they have learned. Have them give you some examples in their life of supply and demand. Just wait for the summer gas prices!

English: Adverbs, adjectives, superlatives - OH MY!

Spanish: Family vocabulary

Such a lovely day....I ran around and interfered with basketball games to get some pictures of these lovelies. Enjoy!

This is probably the best one.

This one is pretty funny, see the side-eye Kanin is giving Micah? And it was supposed to be "the serious" one and Micah and Mr. Braddy are both beaming. So funny!