Saturday, May 6, 2017

Week 36 May 1 - 5

Happy May!

This is the month where we are all very ready for the next step in our school and family life. The next grade level! New friends, new teachers, new expectations. But, alas, we still have 3 weeks to go and some work to accomplish. Let's work as a team to keep the motivated to end the year strong.

The 7th graders are working through the Outsiders in literature and I think they really enjoy it. Such a great coming of age story with big ideas and troubles. They are eating it up and the discussions are thoughtful and interesting. Have them summarize it for you....ask about Johnny's home life, Pony's brothers, the social struggles between the Socs and the Greasers. Compare it to their lives and personal experiences.

Expect emails from us through the end of the year for reminders about special activities.We will try and make sure information is sent to you when you need to know it.

Bracelet Fundraiser: This is a project that Malia Alexander and Bradie Edelen are leading. Other students have helped them make posters and encouraged them along the way. Both girls came to me with their idea and I encouraged them to speak with Mr. Debrick who invited them to a PTL meeting to discuss it.  The girls have done everything we asked of them and continue to plan and work on this project. The month of May they will be selling bracelets in order to raise funds to plant trees, flowers, and bushes to beautify Zion. All funds will go toward making Zion's campus a better place to be! Way to go girls. This ripple effect starts with you.

Bracelets will be $3 a piece and sold at church this weekend and at lunch time.

Luke 6:31
And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.”
Ripple Effect means you can make an affect on the world, big or small. We are all connected to each other and everything we do and think affects the people in our lives. We want to start by improving Zion’s campus. What you do today with buying this bracelet will help us make Zion even more beautiful!
All funds will benefit Zion campus improvements.
Thank you for your support.
Malia Alexander and Bradie Edelen - 7th Grade

Things to look forward to at the end of 7th grade:

- May 12 Watching the 8th grade Hobbit Day skits (preparation for 1 year from now!)
- May 16 Spring Band Concert
- May 18 Athletic Awards Night
- May 19 Faith Family Field Day (Pizza and snacks provided. They may bring own cold lunch if they want.)
- May 24 Kona Ice (PTL sponsored)
- May 24 8th Grade graduation/Hosting Reception - thank you volunteers.
- May 25 Last Day of School

One year from now we will be preparing for our own 8th graders to graduate from Zion. Yes, I am feeling a bit sappy!

Below are 7M examples of the stained glass art we did in religion class. They had to choose a Bible story to represent, make the window, and write a paragraph describing the story and its meaning.

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